Step 1: Log into the MB Club Lounge

To take advantage of all the benefits of the MB Club Card you must log into the Club Lounge on the website. To do this, go to, where you will find an input mask.

Step 2: Type in your access data

First, type in your Mercedes-Benz Club Card ID. You will find this on the back of your Mercedes-Benz Club Card, at the bottom left hand side. It starts with three letters followed by six digits. Please type the letters in capitals (upper case) and do not insert any spaces.
The first time you log in, the password is your surname written in small letters (lower case), for example “luft,” “andré-rohn” or “de los angeles.” Please enter your password and click on Log in.

Step 3: Type in your contact data and change your password

Now, please fill in the first form, the contact form. It is important to choose a new password and to enter an e-mail address. Any other information is voluntary.

Step 4: Set up your access to forums

Along with the Contact Data tab you will find Vehicle Data, Forums Profile and Other Clubs tabs. Please click on Forums Profile.
Please click on the box in the first line to activate your registration for a forum.
Now you need a user name (nickname) for the forum. The database will suggest one to you, but of course you can change it. In the third and fourth lines enter your password for the forum, which can be the same as your password for the Club Lounge. Next, enter an e-mail address for the forum then click on Save at the bottom of the page. You are now registered for the forum.

Step 5: Log into the forum

To enter the forum, go to In the navigation line at the top, click on Log in. Now please enter your nickname (your user name for the forum, which is not your Club Card ID) and the forum password. Place a tick behind Log in automatically on each visit. Now click on Log in. You should now be logged in to the forum.